Nestled in the heart of lakes country in Northwestern Minnesota, we here at Roughfisher Fly Fishing cherish the time spent on the water. Whether it be nymphing the spring sucker run, two hand-style casting to carp and buffalo, or chucking meaty flies to pike and smallmouth bass, we know how coveted free time can be. You shouldn't have to worry about your flies and gear. You should be focused on how you're going to land that wary 15 pound carp on 4X tippet.

You can't just walk in to the average fly shop and find what you need for roughfishing. Some shops are finally starting to carry a limited number of carp flies, but patterns for roughfish just don't exist. Until now. Our mission at Roughfisher Fly Fishing is to bridge that gap. We strive to create fly patterns and equipment that all roughfishers need. Premium products at a fair price. For all you blueliners out there: our flies will work just great for those trout too.

If you have any requests or ideas about fly patterns or product development, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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