Fly Patterns

Artisan Flies. The best carp flies on the planet.

Premium carp flies tied by the roughfisher in the USA, crafted with only the best materials. Each order is custom tied on a first come first serve basis. I don't keep an inventory, this ensures that every fly you receive is a current, fresh version of the pattern using the latest materials, and hasn't been sitting in a fly bin for months collecting dust. Depending on lead times, orders may take one to two weeks to be fulfilled, though often they ship sooner.

Each of these patterns have been developed or modified by Umpqua Signature Fly Designer, J.P. Lipton, to fit the needs of the brownliner. They have been meticulously designed and field tested on many species of roughfish and haven proven successful in catching fish. Many of the nymph patterns are weighted heavier than traditional trout nymphs, in order to get down deep fast in moderate current. You may find the need to add extra weight to your leader in order get these flies down tight to the bottom in heavy current areas. These flies are tied on hooks with large hook gapes, allowing for more steel to penetrate those fleshy lips of carp and suckers, ensuring a better hook hold so your fly doesn't pull free during a hevay battle. All patterns are tied on premium, stainless steel hooks to handle the rigors of roughfishing. What this means is not only are these hooks stout and burly, they can also pull double duty in the salt without fear of corrosion.

If you do not find the fly pattern that you're looking for, or the right color or size, we do offer custom fly orders. Please inquire using the Contact Form.

Fly Assortments

Roughfisher's Fly Assortments:

Crack Pack
Crack Pack
12 pack includes two Carp Crack flies in every color: Burnt Orange, Brown, Gray, Olive, Peacock Black, and Tan.
24 Pack contains four of every color.

Clam Pack
Clam Pack
Includes one of each: Darth Clam, Zebra: Striped, Mottled light, Mottled heavy, Plain, and Dark. Half rack contains two of each pattern.


Carp Crack

Darth Clam


SJW - Improved Armored Car

Sac Lunch